Who Could I Help ?

Are You Struggling With:

  • Finding your life purpose
  • Set up goals and designing steps to improve yourself
  • Emotions management (feeling stressed – overwhelmed – frustrated – low energy levels..)
  • Time management
  • Career decisions
  • Improving your leadership skill set (team building – decision making – problem solving – critical thinking…)
  • Managing relationships
  • Physical wellbeing
  • Establishing healthy routines
  • Gaining better self-awareness and self-confidence


 I Can Offer :

  • A deep exploration into your soul
  • Powerful questions in a thought-provoking way
  • Someone that really and deeply listens to you – no judgments
  • Increase your awareness
  • Tools and resources to improve your skills
  • A trusted and confident partner to work with
  • Goal setting – designing action plan – hold you accountable
  • A Coaching experience that will change your life

                             About Me

What Is Coaching?

Coaching is a powerful tool that helps individuals and organizations to reach the maximum of their potential, to become the better version of themselves, to overcome obstacles and limits and to achieve their goals. There is a saying, “The quality of your life is a function of the quality of questions you ask yourself.” I will ask you the type of questions that evoke the kind of answers that elevate the quality of your life. The ah ha moment … and miracles start to happen.


Develop a better relationship with yourself and learn how to influence others in a more efficient way.

“Life doesn’t happen to you; it happens for you”.

I could call this first 40 years of my life a beautiful journey “From Zero to Grenada”, an amazing collection of experiences, people, learning, inspirational character, travels, jobs, friends.. like pieces that perfectly fit together like a puzzle.

Humble origins, working parents with a very little education, grown up in a small village, no push to excel, no reward, no space for dreams…but no regrets. I am totally grateful: I became who I am thanks to my family and my friends and I was lucky enough to be surrounded by love.

I believe this is my driving force: the love to transform and inspire people to become a better version of themselves, to become happier and healthier, to feel fulfilled and in perfect balance.

I have found my purpose in life thanks to this beautiful Island that opened a lot of channels and inspired me to grow, to challenge myself, to be inspired by successful people, to get the best out of myself in a never-ending learning journey.

How Coaching works? 

Coaching has the freedom and flexibility to address a wide variety of personal and professional topics. In any given coaching relationship, coach and client alone determine the scope of their work. The coaching occurs over the telephone, Zoom, Skype or in person as well.

Let’s have a chat and determine if I can be a valid partner.

Don’t let your weaknesses hinder your path to your success! Let’s transform them in strengths and see how many possibilities are waiting for you!

+1 (473) 417-0850



Monday to Saturday: 9am - 6pm

Lance Aux Epines, St. George's, Grenada